We are a great fit for your automatic glass doors.

ProDoor offers a comprehensive range of options to choose from, making sure your building gets the right door for the job.

Visitors are welcomed with minimum effort on their part and automatic doors provide a convenient, safe and flexible entrance to your business.

Your property’s front door is ‘always open’ when people enter, creating an inviting and professional first impression.

Automatic glass doors are perfect in places where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic. The doors are ideal for sites such as offices, government buildings, education facilities, leisure and health centres, where security and excellent visibility are a priority.

We work in partnership with high-quality manufacturers to deliver stylish, custom-made innovative doors that fit your criteria. ProDoor installs products to suit, from contractors to the end user.

ProDoor provides single and bi-parting openings in a variety of styles and configurations such as standard swing, telescopic, curved and prismatic, as well as a choice of either full glass doors or doors with aluminium frames.

Our highly skilled engineers retrofit new electronics to old sliding door operators – a cost-saving strategy that keeps your door operating safely and smoothly.
All ProDoor engineers have completed and passed the BS EN 16005 examination ensuring they understand and comply with current Health & Safety regulations. The Authorised Technician qualification they gain is the only industry standard recognised by local authorities, automatic door users and the construction industry.

Our maintenance package ensures your doors perform reliably and comply with Health and Safety regulations.

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Automatic Swing Doors

We can automate manual doors for your business.

What are the advantages?

  • Ease of use and effortless access
  • Preserves the indoor environment’s climate
  • Provides far easier access for disabled people
  • Improves safety

Due to their versatility, automatic swing door operators are perfect to use on both single and double door sets where there is only a small opening.

A low energy operator offers flexibility with assistance on demand. It can be used as a normal manual door with self-closing, but when accessed by disabled people, there is a ‘Push to Exit’ button to open the door electrically.

Low energy operators are also low cost, with no need for activation and safety sensors. However, safety is not compromised, with the door immediately stopping when coming into contact with an object.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Space-saving, discreet and quiet, automatic sliding doors combine good looks with functionality.
The epitome of elegance, glass sliding doors allow for a wide vista both internally and externally.

Open up your space and let the light in with toughened or double-glazed safety glass.

Have a chat with our team to get the doors that work best for you, your business and clients. Working with manufacturers, ProDoor delivers sliding door options that fit unobtrusively in any environment.

Automatic sliding doors are renowned for their safety and ideally placed as an emergency escape route.