Need a low-cost option that’s low maintenance, secure and smart?

We install bespoke retractable gates that expand and collapse to fit your space.

A great visual barrier, it acts as a deterrent against intruders.

Where can they be used and why? Suitable for industrial, commercial or domestic use, retractable doors are highly versatile, providing visibility, security and ventilation.

They can be supplied top hung or bottom rolling.

The lattice bars mean you can see out and people can see in, ideal for shop fronts, car parks, supermarkets, loading bays and ground floor windows.

Retractable gates are easy to use and unobtrusive: they can be pushed aside and disappear behind curtains or into a concealed cupboard.

ProDoor can also provide a collapsible door on wheels which can be rolled into place. It’s ideal for places where temporary security is needed, providing a physical barrier, but allowing airflow into the building, for example in warehouses during hot weather.

Manufactured from cold rolled steel, it can be powder-coated to any standard RAL colour.

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