Smoke & Fire Curtains

ProDoor install and maintain a range of fire and smoke curtains to increase fire safety in commercial and residential buildings.

Our smoke and fire curtains provide the benefits of an off-the-shelf lightweight design which in certain circumstances can offer a better solution to the fitting of steel roller shutters.

The smoke and fire curtain requires less preparation time and no special steelwork structure to install. The weighted bar, which is inserted to keep it taut, has been tested for curtains up to 8m high.

Our smoke and fire curtains are suited to clean hygienic environments such as kitchens, hospitals and shopping centres, where security is less of a requirement.

All our curtains are tested to BS EN 1634-1.

Fire Shutters

ProDoor’s fire shutters can protect your commercial, industrial premises by providing an effective barrier against fire.

All of our fire shutters are fully tested and certified to BS EN 1634. They can provide up to 4 hours of protection, potentially reducing damage and improving safety of employees. These doors are fitted and linked to your existing fire alarm system, and when triggered will either open or close.  The doors are manufactured using a similar process as our roller shutter doors but have been prepared to withstand extreme heat.


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